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New basement glass block window
Thank You Chillicothe!
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Lee Giles / Owner

This Has Been he Busiest Year Ever!

Thank You, Chillicothe!!!

Everywhere You Look You Will See Our
Sign or Windows

We are No Longer Advertizing in the

Town Money Taker  Magazine.
due to new management who wants to double
everyone's cost to advertize......
The companies in there will just pass the cost along to you!
So Watch Out

Just call me
and I will give you the same price as I always have.

Thanks Again,
Lee Giles


I feel Like I Live In Canada!....... When is it going to warm up?.........
We had re-scheduled several jobs so I have Plenty of time to blog away.... I'll tell you what.. Anyone who reads this I'll include 2 FREE AIR VENTS ON YOUR GLASS BLOCK WINDOWS...... just call and GET ME OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!